2021 Winnebago County Fair Association Board of Directors: President - Mike Domke, Vice President - Matt Neuman, Secretary - Christina Harding-Malicky, Treasurer - Jody Bezio, Officer "At-Large" - Ryan Krueger, Cindy Angel, Tim Borgardt, Kim Brzozowski, Nick Eagan, Dave Mahlke, Ryan Overton, Justin Pamer, Dan Phillips, Steve Stark, Dan Stokes.

In Winnebago County, the County Fair is run by the Fair Association (WCFA), an independently operated non-profit association made up of Winnebago County residents who VOLUNTEER their time throughout the year to plan, organize, fund-raise and coordinate all aspects of the County Fair.

WCFA Articles of Incorporation & By-Laws

A Board of Directors for the Association is elected annually; this group of 19 volunteers meet monthly (see schedule below), are the primary decision making group for the Fair and carry out all Fair Business throughout the year.

Directors serve a 3 year term and are elected at the Association’s Annual Meeting.

Directors must be:

After our Annual Elections, we still have 4 director positions available for 2021. If you are interested in being on the Board of Directors, please contact Mike Domke at winnebagocountyfair@gmail.com or 920-685-3013.

Get Involved! Make A Difference.

Become a Fair Volunteer!

Not interested/available to be on the Board of Directors? We are recruiting volunteers that would like to help plan/run smaller pieces of fair and focus just on their area of interest in a time-frame that works with their schedule. See our Volunteer Flyer for more information.

More Information about WCFA:

Upcoming Meetings of the Fair Association:

We meet the 4th Thursday of every month. The public, fair volunteers and/or anyone interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors is welcome to attend meetings!

  • 2021 Meeting Dates Coming Soon!
  • Thursday, December 10
    Annual Meeting & Elections 7:00PM (Annual Agenda.pdf)
    Board of Directors Regular Meeting to follow (Regular Agenda.pdf)
  • We are doing a hybrid meeting this month. To allow for social distancing, the public is invited to join us on ZOOM: https://bit.ly/35qPivn
    Paid Association Members may join in person, details were sent to all members by mail/email.

Attention Fair Volunteers, Superintendents and members of the public:

In order to increase accuracy of communication and record keeping, the Fair Board approved a new process at the February 2020 Board Meeting. Items of business that require a decision or response from the Fair Board must be submitted in writing. This includes all events/activities that happen in the name of the WCFA or are held on the fairgrounds during the County Fair.
• Items must be submitted 9 days prior to the meeting to be on the current agenda for discussion.
• Items that are submitted after agenda is published or brought up during appearances from the audience will be placed on a future agenda for discussion.
• Events/Activities/Rules, etc that are approved will receive a written response from the WCFA.

  • Wisconsin Association of Fairs (WAF) Annual CONVENTION
    • POSTPONED to 2022 – A ZOOM series on all ingredients that go into planning a successful fair is planned to tentatively begin in February.
    • 2022 Convention to be held in Chula Vista Resort, Wisconsin Dells
    • All Fair Board members are encouraged to attend both of these opportunities.
  • 2021 Meeting Schedule Coming Soon!


Community safety is the WCFA’s number one priority during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are following Department of Health guidelines in making decisions about fair meetings and activities.


• You must be a 2020 Member to participate in this year’s Annual Fair Association Meeting.
• 2020 Memberships will be good for 2 years (2020 Annual Meeting, Week-long Entry into 2021 Fair & 2021 Annual Meeting).
2020 Association Memberships are still available for purchase! Check out “Tickets” for more info.

• Youth Exhibitors will be able to show projects/work from 2020 or 2021 at the 2021 County Fair (including items that are submitted to the 2020 Showcase).
• Any “senior” exhibitors who are aging out of their youth organization or Junior Fair age eligibility in 2020 will be allowed to show as youth/Junior Fair exhibitors in 2021.

2020 FAIR Press Releases:
Fair Organizers Look Ahead to 2021: Page 2, Oshkosh Herald – November 18, 2020
July 8, 2020 Letter to Exhibitors
July 6, 2020 Fair SHOWCASE Announcement
June 9, 2020 Fair Cancellation Press Release
• Wisconsin Association of Fairs Article: “Cancelling a Fair is a Hard Decision”
• See the Wisconsin Association of Fair website for updates and information on Fairs around the state.
May 9, 2020 Fair & COVID Press Release

You can join ZOOM meetings from your computer, smart phone or tablet by downloading Zoom (https://zoom.us/download)
You can dial in from any phone

If you need assistance with ZOOM Fair Meetings, please contact Jody (Fair Secretary) at 920-267-2473 or winnebagocountyfairsecretary@gmail.com

New to Zoom? Try it out! ZOOM offers “test meetings” that you can try out at any time: https://zoom.us/test

Increased Zoom Safety:
To protect our fair meeting participants we are using the NEWEST Zoom security features:
– Registration for meetings
– Password protected links
– “Waiting Room” for joining meetings
– Meeting host security features turned on
For more info:
Tips on Making your Zoom Gatherings More Private
– Visit the ZOOM Security Website

Previous Meetings

  • November – NEW! We will be meeting on Thursday, November 12 at 7pm (Agenda.pdf).
    We will be having a hybrid meeting this month. To allow for social distancing, the public is invited to join us on ZOOM: https://bit.ly/2I4LJCi
  • Thursday, October 22 • 7pm (Agenda.pdf)
    We will be having a hybrid meeting this month. To allow for social distancing, the public is invited to join us on ZOOM: https://bit.ly/3ocQdad
  • Thursday, August 27 • 7pm (Agenda.pdf)
    We will be having a hybrid meeting this month. To allow for social distancing, the public is invited to join us on ZOOM: https://bit.ly/3ljcdyS
  • Thursday, April 23 • 7pm (Agenda.pdf)
    • April’s meeting will be on ZOOM due to current social distancing guidelines and the Governor’s Safer at Home Order.
    • The public is welcome to join us as always.
    • Please register to get connection info for the meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0kdO2oqD0uHtQ0ih–7dUB2fYXqQeJ5XKI (if you have not downloaded ZOOM to your device, you will be prompted to do so to register)
    • Need dial-up info to join the meeting by phone only? Contact the WCFA at 920-685-3013.
  • Thursday, March 26 • 7pm CANCELLED (due to COVID-19)
    Please Stay Safe & Healthy Everyone! Keep yourself informed, visit Winnebago County Health Department COVID-19
    SWINE SHOW INPUT: If you have input on whether the swine show should be Terminal vs Non-Terminal, please complete this survey by Monday, March 30: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZLCY3C6
  • Thursday, February 27 • 7pm (Agenda.pdf)
    James P Coughlin Center, 625 E County Road Y, Oshkosh
  • Thursday, January 23 • 7pm (Agenda.pdf)
    James P Coughlin Center, 625 E County Road Y, Oshkosh

December Meeting

  • ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING • Thursday, December 12 • 7pm
  • BOARD MEETING • Thursday, December 12 • 9pm
  • Sunnyview Expo Center, 500 E County Road Y, Oshkosh
  • Annual Meeting Agenda includes an annual report of the 2019 Fair and Elections for the Board of Directors. Voting is open to all Fair Membership/Pass holders. Come vote for your 2020 Board of Directors!
  • We have 6 positions open on our Board of Directors this year. If interested in running for the board, contact us at winnebagocountyfair@gmail.com
  • NO Public Meeting in NOVEMBER
    Volunteer Recognition Banquet to be held in mid-November (invite only)
  • Thursday, October 24 • 7pm
    James P Coughlin Center, 625 E County Road Y, Oshkosh
  • Thursday, September 26 • 7pm
    James P Coughlin Center, 625 E County Road Y, Oshkosh
  • Thursday, August 22nd • 7pm
    James P Coughlin Center, 625 E County Road Y, Oshkosh