Winnebago County Fair, Wisconsin SHOWCASE: Woodworking, Electricity, Mechanics. LEGOS, Robots

Exhibitor 39
Scratch Dinosaur Game
Use your mouse to move the dinosaur to collect the bananas. Watch out for the Pteradactyl because if you touch him, you lose. I made this off of an idea I heard of at school and used some different things to make it my own.

Exhibitor 39
This is a Star Wars Lego Yoda that is my largest LEGO build to date. One of the features of Yoda is his head can turn.

Exhibitor 39
This LEGO R2-D2 has a motor so you can control him with a device to do different challenges. I was able to get him to dodge platforms and touch flags.

Exhibitor 39
This LEGO Sandcrawler has many functions. It has detachable sides that come off to reveal the inside of the Sandcrawler.

Exhibitor 54
Robot; controlled by tablet.

Exhibitor 26
Learning to paint
We repurposed an old console table to use by our fire pit. I learned how to paint all in the same direction with the brush!

Exhibitor 65
Wooden Cross
I made this wooden cross in my Woodworking 2 class in school.

Exhibitor 38
This is my robot I made. I control it on my tablet.

Exhibitor 62
This is my live edge American Cherry cutting board

Exhibitor 46 – Lego Speed Champions GTR Nismo
I bought this car because I liked how it had lots of hard to put stickers which are at times challenging. The back lights are horizontal using a stud with pieces turned to make the “bend” effect.