Winnebago County Fair, Wisconsin SHOWCASE: Dog Obedience, Pets, Small Animals, Rabbits, Poultry

Exhibitor 29 Poultry
How I Sell Chicken Eggs
In this presentation, it explains all of the different components of how I started selling are eggs and where I am now.
View Presentation Here.

Exhibitor 50 Poultry
Baby Chicks
My favorite part of the poultry project is hatching out the little chicks.

Exhibitor 50 Dog Obedience
I have been working on obedience with my Golden Retriever, Willow and my grandparent’s Teddy Bear puppy, Molly.

Exhibitor 38 Rabbits
Giant Flemish – Blue – senior Doe

Exhibitor 38 Rabbits
Giant Flemish – Blue – Senior Buck

Exhibitor 63 Rabbits
This is my rabbit, Dusty. He is a Mini Satin. On nice days, I take him for a walk around the yard on him leash/harness.

Exhibitor 32 Rabbits
These are my 3 year old broken Mini Rex Rabbits! One is a boy and one is a girl!

Exhibitor 54 Rabbits
Giant Flemish Senior Doe

Exhibitor 54 Rabbits
Giant Flemish Senior Buck

Exhibitor 54 Rabbits
Holland Lop Senior Buck

Exhibitor 45 Small Animals
My Guinea Pig Raine
This is a short demonstration of my guinea pig including her food, play & home.

Exhibitor 58 Poultry
This is a picture of my layer chicken Amber and I in the chicken coop.

Exhibitor 49 Rabbits
My rabbit; “Friend Bunny” the best rabbit ever!

Exhibitor 49 Poultry
This is my Leghorn Cockerel I raised up this year.

Exhibitor 69
Turtle the Tortie; My cat, Turtle, is a great hunter that loves rabbits and chipmunks. She warms my lap whenever I’m eating ice cream.

Exhibitor 28 Small Animals
Finding a Turtle; We find lots of turtles in our yard and learned all about them! We watched videos and I helped my siblings learn all about them.

Exhibitor 64 Rabbits
This is my rabbit, Olly. He is a Havana.

Exhibitor 65 Rabbits
This is my Flemish Giant, Buck. He is chilling at the 2019 fair where he won best of breed.

Exhibitor 57 Poultry
Raising baby chicks
This is my baby chick, and it is a Barred Rock. I’ve been taking care of this baby chick for a few days and I have been spending a lot of time with it to reassure myself that it will be tame and easy to work with.

Exhibitor 57 Dog Obedience
My dog and I
This is my dog Jaylee and I. I got Jaylee a year ago from a local animal shelter. She and I go on walks every single day, and we make sure to spend a lot of time with each other. We were very excited to do the dog project this year.

Exhibitor 66 Small Animals
This is Manzano, a kitten my family fostered for the Oshkosh Area Humane Society.

Exhibitor 16 Rabbits
All the bunnies
Here a couple pictures of some of my bunnies. I feed and water my bunnies everyday. I water my bunnies often during the hot days of summer and freezing days of winter

Exhibitor 16 Poultry
Birds on the Farm
There are lots of different breeds of chicken on the farm. All our chickens, geese and turkey free roam the farm.

Exhibitor 14 Dog Obedience
Dog’s Snuggle Mat
My dogs Bentley and Bourbon truly missed going to our weekly obedience, rally, and showmanship trainings. I have been continuing to work with them all summer and I created these snuffle mats to keep them busy!

Exhibitor 15 Poultry
Favorite day of Fair
I love showing on Poultry project day at the Winnebago County Fair. I show pigeons, Geese, Large and Bantam breeds of chickens.

Exhibitor 15 Rabbits
Some of the rabbits that I show. My favorite to show is my California doe and my Lion head buck