Winnebago County Fair, Wisconsin SHOWCASE: Foods, Nutrition, Baking & Food Preservation

Exhibitor 67
Peanut Butter Playdough- my FAVORITE snack; I wanted to do a demo on how to make my favorite snack. Here it is!

Exhibitor 20
I made flatbread to go with my sister’s hummus.

Exhibitor 20
Pineapple, Cake, or both?; This is a cake recipe that I found in a magazine.

Exhibitor 64
Lillie’s Birthday Cake
I made this Baby Shark cake for my cousin’s 2nd birthday. She loved it.

Exhibitor 58
Chocolate Cherry Cake
This is a picture of the chocolate cherry cake that I made with cream cheese frosting and cherries that I picked myself.

Exhibitors 26 & 27
Dehydrating Pineapple
My brother and I (Cloverbud!) dehydrated a large can of pineapple rings for snacks!

Exhibitor 26
Formal Table Settings
I learned how to set a table for a formal party.

Exhibitor 26
Baking Cookies
This is me learning how to make chocolate chip cookies! The hardest part is stirring the batter.

Exhibitor 54
cheddar bread; made in a dutch oven

Exhibitor 39
This is my homemade pizza which uses yeast in the crust where I learned to measure the temperature of the water to make sure the yeast doesn’t die. I added pineapple, ham, and sausage for toppings to make my pizza delicious.

Exhibitor 41
Ribbon Cake
Family recipe made as a birthday cake. One layer of angel food cake with two layers of sponge cake and frosted with homemade custard

Exhibitor 63
Raspberry Pie
I helped my mom pick these raspberries and then made a pie. It was delicious especially with whipped topping or ice cream.

Exhibitor 28
Canning Peaches
I helped can the peaches this year. I learned the difference between pressure canning and hot water bath.

Exhibitor 28
Dehydrating Basil
It was our first year growing herbs and our basil plants did great. We dried the leaves outside before putting them into the dehydrator.

Exhibitor 43
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie Bars
I was craving oatmeal raisin cookies one day so I made them. Download Recipe

Exhibitor 42
This is a much easier way to make cookies and takes less time.
Download Recipe

Exhibitor 42 – Chicken Penne Pasta
This is a recipe that I remade from Hello Fresh, a company that sends all the ingredients and the recipe for you to make on your own. Download Recipe

Exhibitor 42 – Healthy Lemonade
I was looking for a healthy summer refreshing drink. The sweetener makes for a healthy alternative. Download Recipe

Exhibitor 15 – Fun in the kitchen
These are 2 of my favorite recipes to show at the county fair. This is my third year doing canning also.

Exhibitor 14 – Cream Puffs
We were a bit sad to not make our annual trip to the Wisconsin State Fair this summer to see the animals and projects. But I decided to bring a little bit of the state fair home and learn how to make these delicious cream puffs!

Exhibitor 14 – Edible Cookie Dough
This is a picture how-to photo of me making edible cookie dough. Edible cookie dough does not contain eggs, so you may eat it raw, but it is always better refrigerated.

Exhibitor 14 – Summer Salad
Our garden is growing like crazy this summer, and our lettuce and romaine are no exception. I decided to make my take on a summer salad with homemade dressing and nuts for protein.

Exhibitor 14 – Sushi
This is my first attempt at making sushi at home. California rolls were easy to make, especially using the instant pot to make sticky rice.

Exhibitor 14 – Heath Bar Energy Balls
I love these energy balls as a go to snack when camping or for school. This recipe allows you to mix and match what you have on hand in your pantry which is great during a pandemic!

Exhibitor 24
Banana bars are one of my favorite treat to have. especially when they are slightly frozen!

Exhibitor 24 – Seasoned Pretzels
I enjoy having seasoned pretzels as a summer time snack and on the boat. I find them easy to make and the hardest part is waiting for them to marinate!!

Exhibitor 24 – Planning a fondue party
One of my favorite special occasion meals is fondue. For my birthday I chose a fondue party, with 3 courses: cheese, broth and chocolate. I have provided recipe links, dipping suggestions, pictures and tips for planning your own fondue party.

Fiesta Cheese Fondue Recipe
Bananas Foster Chocolate Fondue Recipe
Coq Au Vin Fondue Broth Recipe