Winnebago County Fair, Wisconsin. SHOWCASE: Flowers, Houseplants, Gardening, Crops

Exhibitor 69
Max Kieffer’s Kieffer Pears
This Kieffer pear tree is 13 years old and gives bushels of pears every September. One must wait 2 weeks after picking for them to ripen, but the wait is worth it!

Exhibitor 69
Pope John Paul II Rose
This JPII rose randomly blooms with a light sweet smell that lasts for a week.

Exhibitor 69
Oklahoma Rose
This is one of the best smelling roses to have in the garden. You can smell it from 5 ft away!

Exhibitor 58
My Pumpkin
This is a picture of the pumpkin that I just planted a couple days before. The pumpkin had just sprouted and I was very excited to see it continue to grow.

Exhibitor 49
Garden Box
I put together a garden box to display some of my best vegetables just like I would to show at the fair.

Exhibitor 49
I saw Dahlias exhibited at the State Fair last year, and I really wanted to try raising some myself to show at the county fair, so my dad got me some bulbs to plant.

Exhibitor 49
Outdoor Planter
This is one of the planters I put together with geraniums and variegated vinca vine.

Exhibitor 57
My Vegetable Garden
This is a jalapeno pepper that I grew in my garden, along with a lot of other vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, squash, and more.

Exhibitor 40
My mom and I planted a garden with tomatoes and cucumbers. They are taller than me!

Exhibitor 50
I enjoy working with plants. Here is a succulent planter that I put together to show at the fair.

Exhibitor 39
These are the green beans Evan grew in our garden. He picked the best 5 to display for the picture.

Exhibitor 23
Unusual Vegetable
Here is a cucumber that is a little out of proportion.

Exhibitor 23
Wheat/Oat 3″ Sheaf
This is what a Wheat Sheaf and Oats Sheaf would look like for an exhibit. It is to be 3′ wide, all of the dry leaves are to be taken off, and it should be banded/tied together to keep it tight.

Exhibitor 56
My Garden Bed
This is a picture of me preparing my garden bed in the spring. I planted cherry and WI 55 tomatoes, cayenne peppers, cilantro, green beans and carrots.

Exhibitor 53
This is summer squash zucchini. They are best made into Chocolate cake or sliced and baked with cheese on them.

Exhibitor 53
These are holey moley peppers. They were planted in May and picked in August. I have enjoyed making salsa and adding the holey mole peppers to it.

Exhibitor 53
This is persus cucumbers. They are perfect for slicing and putting into salads.

Exhibitor 53
This is a tender sweet carrot. They were planted in May and we harvested them in August.

Exhibitor 15 – Today’s Pick
Some veggies picked out of the garden that usually go to fair. Tomatoes were super sweet and the beans are all cleaned and snapped ready for the steamer

Exhibitor 15 – Hydrangeas and Roses
The hedge of Hydrangeas are in all stages of blooming. The single pink knockout rose bush is finishing its first round of blooms and smells wonderful. Other roses are full of blooms.

Exhibitor 16 – Straight from the Garden
This years garden is doing awesome! We have harvested green, wax and purple beans, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, garlic, carrots, turnips, tomatoes and so much more.

Exhibitor 16 – Flowers of 2020
These are pictures of some of the flowers I would have entered in the County Fair. I love all the different colors my lilies come in. They make beautiful displays.