Winnebago County Fair, Wisconsin SHOWCASE Cultural Arts & Performance

Exhibitor 44
Acrylic Paining “Night Fury”
This is my take on a classic scene of Toothless and Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon. I developed my own technique for this acrylic painting, but I based it largely on the artist Delaunay’s “portrait of Jean Metzinger”.

Exhibitor 44
While creating this gnome I wanted to give it a personality, and so ‘Omi the Gnomie’ (a classy gnome who always dresses for the occasion) was created. Though Omi is made of socks and LOTS of hot glue, he takes extra care to style his hat in a twist and makes sure his beard is always styled to a nice point.
View my presentation here.

Exhibitor 34
Sock Gnome
We made these gnomes by filling a sock with rice, during a Ridgeway 4-H project meeting. Then, we were able to add a hat and beard and other items to personalize our gnomes.

Exhibitor 34
Ceramic Gnome
We purchased these gnomes from the Fire in Appleton as a take home kit. It was painted at home, and then sent back to the Fire, where it got fired in the kiln.

Exhibitor 34
Mixed Media Collage
This is my mixed media board, using different pictures, items and trinkets.

Exhibitor 34
Harry Potter Embroidery
This is another embroidery piece I have made recently, and in the middle of it, are the embroidered words, “Hufflepuff”, one of the Harry Potter Hogwarts houses. Around the top and bottom are embroidered flowers following the Hufflepuff color theme, yellow and brown, as well as some similar colors to give variety.

Exhibitor 34
Star Wars Embroidery
I tried embroidery for the first time this year during stay at home, and I have been busy trying many different embroidery projects. This particular piece is based off of a picture online, and features the Death Star, some tie fighters, and the Imperial Base on Endor, as well as the quote, “That’s No Moon”.

Exhibitor 34
This is a painting I made inspired by the movie “Up”. The main focus point is of the house being carried by balloons up into the sky.

Exhibitor 34
Beaded Sun Catcher
This sun catcher came from a take home kit from Rooster Dreams in Appleton. We were given multiple different beads, and could put them in any order we liked to create this sun catcher.

Exhibitor 48
A few months ago my uncle had asked me to paint some things on the old manger tiles to hang around the farm. So on this manger tile I painted a John Deere tractor and in the background a blue sky with a field and rows of cut hay, for my uncle.

Exhibitor 48
A few months ago my uncle had asked me to paint some things on the old manger tiles to hang around the farm. So on this manger tile I painted a flower with splatter paint on the background for my grandma.

Exhibitor 18
This is a drawing of Beyonce. My drawing is a recreation of her pregnancy announcement. I have included a halo of spaghetti noodles to accentuate her beauty.

Exhibitor 50
I made this pour paint as a project during one of our online 4-H club meetings during quarantine.

Exhibitor 64
I painted this picture while home in April. I used acrylic paint on a white canvas.

Exhibitor 66
This is my piano performance of French Suite No. 2 in c minor, BWV 813, Air by J.S. Bach.

Exhibitor 66
This is my piano performance of Etude in c-sharp minor, Opus 10, No. 4, by F. Chopin.

Exhibitor 66
This is my pencil illustration to accompany the poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn” by John Keats.

Exhibitor 33
Dancing Family
Painting on canvas with acrylics. A group of friends I consider family.

Exhibitor 39
This sock bunny was made over quarantine during the springtime. It was made out of socks, rubber bands, and fun materials we had around the house.

Exhibitor 39
DIY Arcade Kit
This arcade game is like one from Toy Story. I had to color the background and the target before assembling. It was a lot of fun to put together and play.

Exhibitor 39
Recycled Craft Sock Gnome
This sock gnome was made out of two socks filled with rice and faux fur for a face. The gnome accessories were recycled items from around our house and the nose is a bead.

Exhibitor 38
Pokémon: Bulbasar pottery I painted.

Exhibitor 62
This is my gnome made from a sock, rice, felt and embellishments.

Exhibitor 62
This is a page from my bullet journal using paper and markers to create the design.

Exhibitor 23
During Covid (stay at home schooling), my teacher wanted us to make a salt dough bowl for crafts class. After baking and drying it, I painted it and put clear coat on it. My mom uses it for her jewelry.

Exhibitor 14
I decided to try a different category this year, learning how to do woodburning. We started with these bamboo wooden spoons; it was harder than it looks because of the hardness and grain of the wood.

Exhibitor 19
I have drawn a very cute dog and while showing my love for dogs, I am also showing how irresistible they can be while begging for a treat. My challenge was to create an animal with a coffee filter and some raw spaghetti. It was somewhat hard in a way to make this dog adorable.

Exhibitor 15
Diamond art from rainy days and 2 different acrylic pour paint projects done on canvas.

Exhibitor 16
Diamond Art has become one of my favorite things to do on rainy days. I learned how to do pour paint in 2019 with Acrylic paint.