Winnebago County Fair, Wisconsin. SHOWCASE: Sewing, Clothing, Knitting, Crocheting

Exhibitor 68
Olivia’s Dress
I wanted to make an original dress for a friend. Olivia Race chose the design, the fabric of the skirt, and the lace on the shoulder straps. I had assistance choosing the complimentary fabric for the body and the underskirt. Olivia’s dress transforms from summer to fall. Pictured is the fall dress. Isn’t she beautiful?

Exhibitor 41
Floral jumpsuit with pockets.

Exhibitor 41
Crochet top with braided straps.

Exhibitor 33
Crocheted steering wheel cover with yarn. This is version number three. I’m almost done!

Exhibitor 33
Ravenclaw hat and scarf crocheted with yarn.

Exhibitor 33
Pocket Full of Sunshine
Shorts with hand-painted sunflower and saying with acrylics.

Exhibitor 14
Sewn Lil’ Monster
My mom created this easy to sew project for the Winnebago County 4-H Fun Day, and I was able to make it with my club, White Cedars, during a project meeting. Isn’t he fun?

Exhibitor 63
Back to School Outfit
I love my new shirt and pants I sewed. They are so comfy. I can’t wait to wear them to school!

Exhibitor 26
I sewed a small pillow. It was fun using the sewing machine.

Exhibitor 54
Table Placemat Bag

Exhibitor 67
Color Blocked Hoodie and Shorts
Hoodies are my favorite! This was inspired by RWBY, and I got to color block it my way. I learned how to sew on ribbing, and this was my first time sewing sweatshirt knit fabric.

Exhibitor 67
Mom’s Christmas Gift: Gold Lace Vest
I sewed Mom a vest from clearance lace she found, that she really wanted. I learned how to sew flat felled seams, in the entire vest; it was NOT easy.

Exhibitor 24
I made this apron in a sewing project meeting with my club. It did not take that long, maybe about an hour or 2. Also it was super fun because I did it with my club friends and I got to pick out the coordinating colors I wanted. You can wear it up over your whole mid section or fold it over and wear it only over your legs and waist. My favorite part of sewing is adding the “MADE by ME” tag.